Nettie x Nettie

I always say that Closet Case Patterns take me a year to fall in love with, because I’m so behind on trends! When they are first released, I think, “Stylish, but could I pull that off?” Sometime later, I suddenly become obsessed! That’s the story with the Nettie dress, but much, much delayed. I used … More Nettie x Nettie

Jalie Mimosa Tee

Let’s just keep on a Jalie streak, shall we? And then at some point I have a bunch of Closet Case Patterns things to show… because apparently I’m obsessed with patterns made in Quebec! This is the Mimosa tee, from Jalie’s new releases. I bought the pattern from the Jalie team at PR Weekend, because … More Jalie Mimosa Tee

A Birthday Dress!

Happy 36th birthday to me!!! I always think that I sew myself a new birthday dress every year… but searching my blog, it seems like I’ve only specifically done it a few times. And the theme is definitely ITY maxi dresses in bold prints! Since this dress fits that brief nicely, I’m going to consider … More A Birthday Dress!