Ebony Tunic

Why yes, it IS my third Ebony in as many weeks… did you really expect any different? I’m loving the combo of comfort, style and drama, so this won’t be the last. My first two Ebonys were the dress version, shortened. This time I tried the tunic length with raglan sleeves. The body is shortened … More Ebony Tunic

Jungle January 2017!

It’s the fifth year of Jungle January, and let’s be honest: my 5th year of sewing leopard! I never wore animal prints before the first Jungle January, but I’m well and truly hooked. (Yes, I know I’m a few days late on this one! Oops!) Over the years, I’ve made: a leopard Renfrew cowl a … More Jungle January 2017!


I know a lot of people who will be at protest marches tomorrow in several countries and many cities… and I wanted to pass on a few articles that I thought had advice worth considering for a safe and comfortable march! What to wear to a protest march (Particularly useful for 1st timers, I’d think!) … More Protesting

In Praise of Polyester

I’ve already done a post extolling the virtues (and failings) of my favourite knit material, rayon. Today I’d like to talk about my next favourite, which I think isn’t always given the respect it deserves! Polyester knits can be pretty great, guys! (It can also be pretty awful, I’m not going to lie.) Let’s dive right … More In Praise of Polyester