T-Shirt Hacks!

I’m teaching a new class tomorrow at Spool and Spindle in Waterloo, Ontario, which we’re calling “More Than A T-Shirt”! Students are invited to bring their favourite t-shirt pattern, and we’ll spend 2 hours adjusting their pattern into whatever “hacks” they want! This is my favourite part of sewing – taking a pattern that fits and … More T-Shirt Hacks!

Déjà Vu

Don’t I already own this dress? Well… yes, the same pattern mash-up in a very similar print. And then there is this other very similar dress…Which I guess is why the fabric jumped out at me, and why it wanted to become this dress! The top half is Maria Denmark’s Olivia Oversized Tee, and the … More Déjà Vu

Shipping Woes

Dear sewists of the world, Does it happen to you too? You budget for an online purchase, pay the high cost of shipping internationally… and then BOOM! You get hit with customs and brokerage fees when it arrives? I recently bought $70CAD (That’s $50US) of fabric, and paid $40CAD ($30US) to have it shipped to … More Shipping Woes

Blog Update!

If you’ve clicked through to my blog lately, you might have noticed that I updated my blog format. One day, my old blog seemed fine… the next, I was itching to change it! Does that happen to you too? Here’s some of the new, improved features: A new header, but still made with my wardrobe colour … More Blog Update!

Marlborough Bra Review

I posted this pattern review on the Curvy Sewing Collective today. I’m reposting it here with a few additional thoughts at the end!  Bra-making: It’s so rewarding when it works, and so frustrating when it doesn’t! I started bra-making last summer by taking a weekend class with the Fairy Bra Mother, and since then I’ve made … More Marlborough Bra Review

Concord Cardigan

In my recent round-up of all my Cashmerette makes, I mentioned that I had this cardigan cut and and in progress… well, it very nearly got chucked out, but in the end, I think it works! A couple weeks ago the temperatures dropped, and I immediately went and bought at least 10m of sweater knit … More Concord Cardigan