From Fail to Win!

Clunkers, Stinkers, and Complete Failures...

Remember this disasterous unfinished dress? Clearly I should have waited for the Tiramisu to be released, instead of making this McCalls pattern. It’s been balled up in the corner of my sewing room for a month, haunting me… so this morning it because something new! 


A Renfrew! I managed *just* have enough fabric, with a centre back seam from the original dress. I’ve made this pattern a million times, so it was a nice brainless project. 


To make it a bit more fun, I added a bit of lace on the shoulder before sewing all the pieces together. It curves down under the arms a bit, like my Two-Toned Sorbettos from the summer. This is a very basic shirt, but wow, it felt so good to get that ugly UFO out of my sewing room! 

PS. I’m so enjoying reading all the fabulous Top 5 lists going around! if you are joining in, don’t forget to put a link to your blog in the comments here so that other people can  find you! 🙂 

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