Scandinavian Fabric Stars


As soon as winter sets in, I get an overwhelming urge to make handicrafts. Felt, fabric, embroidery – you name it!  Yesterday I post on IG while making these stars, and since lots of people were asking me about them, I thought I’d do a quick little post!

I learned to make these through Pinterest, using a tutorial by a Danish blogger Named Sofie Legarth. If you use the translate feature on Google Chrome, it’s easy enough to follow along on her tutorial… but just in case you prefer English instructions, I thought I’d do a little tutorial here!


Step 1: Choose 4 fabrics that you like together. It’s the perfect way to use up quilting cotton – I have a huge stash of fat quarters that I bought in Japan before I started sewing clothes!


Pictured: Front and back of the same ornaments. I like how the variation of a large print or stripe show differently on each side!


Step 2: Cut 8cm x 30cm rectangles (about 12″ x 3 1/4″).  I like to stack up several layers of fabric so I can cut them all at once!

Step 3: Iron the stripes so they are like double-fold bias tape. (In half, then fold the edges in to the centre, and iron again.)


Step 4: Fold the strips almost in half, so one end is a few centimeters longer than the other. Start weaving them together, so that each strip is sandwiching the previous one. Pull the ends of the last strip through the loop of the first.

Step 5: Pull the strips snug. It should now hold together on it’s own.


Step 6: Flip it over, and weave the long ends together (just like folding down the top of a cardboard box).

Step 7: Pull snug.


Step 8: In turn, fold each of the strips into a triangular point.

Step 9: Fold the point in half, and tuck the long end into the ornament with a finger.


Step 10: Ta-da! Done. Give it a good press with a hot iron and steam to lock the folds in place.


Step 11: Use embroidery floss to sew on a loop, then hang it up! I like to use a dark green floss to the loop blends into the tree, but if you were making a garland you might choose a different colour.


I’ve made about 20 this year, and I’ll give away half of them to friends and coworkers. They are the perfect size to tuck in a card, and they are a lot quicker than most ornaments to make!

Posting this crafty tutorial is taking me back to one of my first ever blog posts, back in November 2012, when I posted about how to make a felted ball ornament using a thrifted sweater. I didn’t even sew clothes back then! Crafting A Rainbow started off literally about crafting, before sewing took hold a few months later!

Do you have a favourite ornament to make and give? I’m looking for something new to give to my family this year!

120 thoughts on “Scandinavian Fabric Stars

  1. Thank you for posting these directions! My craft group is planning to make a collection of these for our church’s Christmas fair this year! They are fun to make! Lorraine from New Hampshire


  2. I cannot “get” the back when I flip it over. I look and look at the picture but I cannot “get” it. Please help!
    I really like these and want to make some. Help!


    1. When you flip it over it will look just like the front, only the long end of the strips will now be on top. Flip the long end back over the “center square” and Weave the long end backr through the left upper folded quadrant. This will lock down the back side Strips once you do the same for all four strips. If you look at the back when you flip it, the strips are not “locked” like they are on the front. By weaving the long end back through, you are making both sides secure. The reason you started with one end longer is to have all the ends the same length when you weave the back. Hope this helps.


      1. I found that if i started with slightly longer strips it was easier to weave the back in to keep everything secure. Once completed, you could also use fabric glue so that with repeated handling the stars do not come apart. This is especially useful if they are going on a tree and you have little helpers for trimming and untrimming the tree.


  3. I have reduced the size to 2 1/2″ x 10″ and made beautiful Christmas pins as gifts by hot glueing pins to the back (top of woven section).
    I am also making ornanments for those ornaments who prefer them over pins and also for myself. This is a great way to use all those Christmas scraps. Thanks for the pattern. I have been passing it around to my quilting friends.


  4. I have enjoyed making the Scandinavian Stars for Christmas gifts. I am making two sizes. 3 1/4 x12 for ornaments and 2 1/2 x 10 for smaller stars that I am making into Christmas pins. Just hot glue a craft pin to back. They are lovely. Discovered a few tricks such as fussy cutting so I get the pattern I want in the front of the pin and also how to place strips with all openings facing the center so that when weaving the points I only fold on the fold and not on the opening of the strip. Makes making the points much easier and they come out more pointed!


  5. Great tute but I have one question. My “backs”
    aren’t as perfect as the fronts-is the back supposed to come out as perfectly woven as the front or is it ok to have the ends visible on back? Thanks!


  6. I made lots of Scandinsvian Star ornaments last year. I also reduced the size and made over 50 star pins as Christmas gifts. They became addictive and
    were very well received.


  7. Our Sons of Norway Lodge holding a Craft Night in October. I am interested in EASY Scandanavian ornaments as several are seniors. These stars look like a good possibility but can’t figure out how to get the entire directions to print. I keep getting just eh first page. Do you have suggestions/directions for these and more? Thank you


  8. wow does this bring back memories. about 1960, when I was in grade school, we made stars from strips of paper the same as these except that where the center of these are, the paper was folded to make 4 peaks or star points on each side. this made them 3-D instead of being flat. Then we dipped them in wax and sprinkled them with glitter . thanks for the walk down memory lane.


  9. I’ve seen those on my daughter-in-laws Christmas tree. They where from her childhood. She is Danish and made them with her mom.


  10. As a child we made these out of paper but when pulling through the loop would keep them standing to give more demension. We then dipped in wax and sprinkled with glitter. Hung to dry and the hung on Christmas tree. When using paper it takes the 14×21” ( I think that’s the right size- it’s larger than 11×14). The wider the strip the longer it has to be. We did 1/4”, 1/2”& 1”. Wonder if I dipped fabric in stiffening agent & hung to dry could I make with the stand up loop.


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