Knit Mini-Dresses: A Round-Up of my Obsessions!

From fall to spring, I’m all about the knit mini-dresses with leggings. I thought I’d round up a few of my favourites here, and see what other patterns you would suggest for me! The Original: Victory Patterns Lola This was the pattern that first got me into sewing this style. It has princess seams, and … More Knit Mini-Dresses: A Round-Up of my Obsessions!

Jungle January 2017!

It’s the fifth year of Jungle January, and let’s be honest: my 5th year of sewing leopard! I never wore animal prints before the first Jungle January, but I’m well and truly hooked. (Yes, I know I’m a few days late on this one! Oops!) Over the years, I’ve made: a leopard Renfrew cowl a … More Jungle January 2017!

2014: The Rise of the Raglan

I feel like raglans took over the blogosphere this past year: be it Papercut, Grainline, Kitschy Koo, Hey June, Capital Chic, or my personal fav, Jalie, there are raglans everywhere! I hadn’t sewn one until I got the Jalie pattern last winter, and boom: now I’ve made about 15! Now clearly raglans are nothing new… … More 2014: The Rise of the Raglan

Two New Things

(The more I stare at this photo, the stranger the pose seems to me! I blame holding the camera remote…) Two new things in my life: A new top, and a new-to-me car! One fleeting, and one hopefully more long-lasting. I have a car! All to myself! WOOHOO!!!! *Dance party!* I didn’t get my full license until … More Two New Things

Are you strategic about your blog stats?

Blog stats. So fun and fascinating, so arbitrary and superficial a way to measure ourselves! I can’t be the only one that enjoys looking at my blog stats, either through Google Analytics, WordPress, or even just checking the number of followers on Bloglovin’ or Feedly. I’m slightly ashamed of it too, though, as if it’s … More Are you strategic about your blog stats?