Instagram Vs. Blogging: Which is better for building a community?

Through the process of bringing the Sewcialists back to life, it’s been interesting to see the pros and cons of Instagram vs. blogging. I thought it would be neat to start a discussion about it here – and I’d love to know your perspectives in the comments! Let’s go behind the veil, shall we? I … More Instagram Vs. Blogging: Which is better for building a community?

Four Cardigan Hacks

This post originally appeared on the Curvy Sewing Collective for Pattern Hacking Month in August 2017, but I know not all of my readers are curvy and follow that site, so I wanted to repost it here!  Is there anything more versatile than a cardigan? Winter, summer, at the office or on a breezy evening, … More Four Cardigan Hacks

Super Simple Basics

This is an outfit so simple I almost didn’t blog it… but basics TNTs are the core of my wardrobe, so let’s take a look at my newest combination! After sewing tunics for my mom, I decided I needed one myself. This is a Hey June Santa Fe, lengthened as much as my fabric would … More Super Simple Basics

Tribute Month: Meg from Cookin’ and Craftin’!

Tribute Month is finally here!!! It’s been a lot of work getting the Sewcialists blog up and running, but I’m so thrilled with the awesome team of volunteers who are making this theme month happen. I’ve got a few projects planned for Tribute Month, and I decided to start with the easiest: Meg from Cookin’ … More Tribute Month: Meg from Cookin’ and Craftin’!

Sewing Bralettes!

I’ve been sewing bras for a few years now, but somehow I skipped that simpler version: the bralette! I never thought that could give me enough support, but I’ve been increasingly tempted by the idea of something with no wires that dig in by the end of the day. As I headed to the cottage … More Sewing Bralettes!