I know a lot of people who will be at protest marches tomorrow in several countries and many cities… and I wanted to pass on a few articles that I thought had advice worth considering for a safe and comfortable march! What to wear to a protest march (Particularly useful for 1st timers, I’d think!) … More Protesting

In Praise of Polyester

I’ve already done a post extolling the virtues (and failings) of my favourite knit material, rayon. Today I’d like to talk about my next favourite, which I think isn’t always given the respect it deserves! Polyester knits can be pretty great, guys! (It can also be pretty awful, I’m not going to lie.) Let’s dive right … More In Praise of Polyester

It’s time for a Very Curvy Sewing Celebration!

…and I’m ready to party! The Very Curvy Sewing Celebration is basically an excuse to sew a party frock, so I dug this very metallic knit out of my stash and got sewing. Tomorrow I’ll be wearing this dress at our get-together at Spool and Spindle in Waterloo, hopefully meeting lovely new friends! This is a … More It’s time for a Very Curvy Sewing Celebration!

Top 5 Goals for 2017

Oh, goals. You seem so appealing until it comes time to set them, or to actually accomplish them! I’m purposefully keeping my goals simple this year. Continue:  Keep sewing knits, keep blogging, keep doing Curvy Sewing Collective stuff, and keep teaching classes. Keep hacking patterns without a firm plan, starting blog series whenever inspiration hits, and … More Top 5 Goals for 2017